1. How early should we Book?
Simply Put...The Sooner the Better! Some of the Dates can be book as early as one Year in advance. Our Suggestions is to be prepared to sign a Contract as early as 5-10 Months before. Depending on Availability some dates remains open until the Month before. So if you're planning an event for next month, it's worth it to check our availability. If you're just starting your planning, try to make your final decision as soon as possible to ensure our Availability. Please plan accordingly.

2. Are your Rates negotiable through price matching or other discounts?
In these tough time we try to negotiate with our customers but just keep in mind that our rates are based on our cost of doing business as well the value we place on the job for event. We take all events seriously and attend to each in a professional manner. We're confident that some may find our prices to be exceptionally competitive. If our prices are a bit more than you planned to spend, just Remember the old saying "You get what you paid for." When you book our services you're not only paying for a Professional Entertainment Service but you're also paying for a peace of mind & excitement.

3. When do I pay the balance of my bill?
The balance is due on the day of the event before the start time.

4. How can I pay my balance?
If paid on the day of the event, the payment must be made in cash. If you prefer to use a check, payment is due 7 business day prior to the events. We do accept credit card payments through through Paypal. However an additional Transaction fee is added to your balance and it must be submitted 7 Business Days prior to the events.

5. Is a Contract and Deposit required to secure our date?
Yes. A Sign Contract with a non-refundable deposit is required. We accept Cash, Checks and Credit cards through PayPal.

6. Do you charge for the time that they are setting up or tearing down?
No! We only charge for the contracted time that we are providing our services. The DJ plans on getting to the event and leaving with enough time to setup / teardown. The Customer should not be charged for this time.

7. How much time is required to set up?
Typically, the DJ arrives an hour or two before your start time. The DJ sets up and familiarizes himself with the layout of the venue. The DJ will try touch base with the caterer, photographer and other vendors that are involved. During most events, the DJ and his Event Assistants will personally oversee the set up and remain on hand to ensure your event runs smoothly.

8. Will the Music be at reasonable volume level?
Our systems produce clear, concert quality sound at a comfortable volume level. They are carefully adjusted to the acoustics of your room and the speakers are strategically positioned so that your guests can effortlessly socialize at surrounding tables. Unlike many competitor DJ's, our systems are well balanced for a clean wonderful sound at all volume levels to ensure you and your guests have a pleasurable experience. We want you & your guest to be comfortable at a volume that you feel is reasonable. Sound levels can often depend on where you are sitting at or the acoustics of that room. Helpful Hint: Whenever possible, don't seat your older relatives close to the D.J. set-up.

9. Do you bring back-up equipments?
We always try to carry some type of back up equipments. But this shouldn't be a major concern, because our equipment is top of the line, professional sound equipment that is used regularly and is well maintained. The chances of equipment completely failing is extremely rare. The truth is many company don't carry back up equipment. Most of there backup systems are on the road doing other gigs. And if they do carry back up you'll be paying extra for it.

10. Am I obligated to feed the DJ?
No you are not obligated to feed the DJ; however, it is a nice gesture to offer a meal of some sort while everyone else is eating. Often your DJ set up an hour or two before your actual event, plays for a minimum of four hours, and will be there an hour after your event taking equipment down. If you're not going to feed the DJ or other services you should let them know ahead of time so they can make other arrangements.

11.What types of Music do you play?
We play Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Perico Ripeao, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Reggae Dancehall, Clean Hip-Hop, R&B, Old School, Pop, Dance, Top 40, Club/Current Radio Mainstream and much more.

12. Is your Music up to date?
Our music list is constantly being updated, most of the time the minute you hear it on the radio, we already have it. Please Note: Fact is most of the time, only a hundred or so song can be played at your event. Some of these companies may be charging you more because of their enormous expense of owning thousands of songs that they may never even play. We have carefully researched and selected songs base on musical styles, age groups and ethnical backgrounds.

13. Should I tip the DJ?
It is customary to tip your vendors such as Waiter, Bartender, Videographer, Photographer and DJ or Band. However, whether you do or not is all entirely up to you.

14. Is NYC ESP insured Company?
Yes. Insurance is part of any legitimate business. Liability policies protect you, your guest & our company from unexpected circumstances.

15. Do you use Professional Equipments?
Yes we do. We use the highest quality equipment available in the industry. We use famous brands such as Allen & Heath, Rane, Crown, QSC, Denon, Pioneer, JBL, Yorkville, Shure, Electro Voice and DBX. They are all well maintained. We know how important your event is to you and how important a reliable sound system is, so we are constantly upgrading to the latest DJ technolgy. Using Professional Sound Equipments help insure reliable service & performance.

For Lights, we offer Intelligent Lights & LED Ambient Uplighting. Most of these Lightings are Preprogrammed or in Sound Activated Mode. These Lighting Effects like these really adds mood to any performance. We use from brand from Elation, American DJ, Chauvet and Martin.

16. What sets you apart from other DJs?
We are different from the majority of Disc Jockeys in the New York City. NYC ESP stands apart from the rest and have opened a whole new door for customers because we guarantee high quality entertainment and exhilarating performance at the best value. Plus we take all events seriously and attend to each in a professional manner. You will discover and experience the diference.